Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another Sweet Award!

A special Thank You shout out to Terri at Two Pink Peas for returning the special award back to me!!  That was so super sweet!!!!  If you are not a follower over at Two PInk Peas you should definitely go and check it out!!!


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  1. Aww..Well I have to say that YOU are the sweet one!! I am so glad that we met and are getting to know eachother. This is my most favorite part about blogging when you meet amazingly talented crafters and when you support eachother and help eachother out when they need it. I have come to know many bloggers who have special places in my heart and I am so proud to know you all. I hope you have a wonederful day today and I will stop back later today to see what you have been up to. Many many hugs to you... Terri of Two Pink Peas