Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Delivery and Bows

Well we had another day off from school today due to the weather.  This makes 5 for us.  This is not normal occurrences for us Texas folks!!  We are used to HOT weather!!  Anyway, it has given me a lot of extra time to work on my cards and other things.

I finally got my Custom Crop order.  I got 5 Cartridges and some new mats.  The weather had put a huge delay in its delivery so I was super excited to get it today!!!

Today my daughter put together bows for her cheer squad.  They have a pep rally and are cheering at the boys basketball game on Valentine's Day, so of course they needed special bows!!  She pretty much did them all by herself, which makes me very proud!  I love that she is getting more into crafting.  I just wish she would clean up after herself when she is done but oh well maybe that will come with time.  They only thing I did was wire in the pony tail holders and cut the finishing part on the ribbon.  The rest was her.  I was so proud that I thought I would share with you guys!!

Hope you are all staying warm!!

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